OWLs - Older Wiser Lutherans
owlsOWLs are members of Immanuel age 55 and over. They are young at heart "seniors" - Christian folk who give a hoot! No business meetings, officers, or dues. Come join in the fun and fellowship!

OWLs Events

Over the years it has been a tradition for the older adults of Immanuel, and younger members too, to go from home to home and into nursing homes to sing Christmas carols to our members. For the past three years, Covid has changed that tradition. Many nursing homes still have some restrictions for non-residence visiting.

The planning committee again has decided to meet in the great room and sing to our members on the telephone. We will meet on Tuesday, December 6 at 1:00 P.M. Everyone is invited to sing and bring joy into the lives of our members in nursing homes or their own homes. Our calls of songs are ALWAYS greatly enjoyed and appreciated. We get very much joy and fun making the calls (and sometimes many laughs when something goes a little wrong). Again, come and join us, for All benefit!!!  

Wednesday Bible Class
Wednesday's adult bible class is held at 9:30 am in the Great Room. Pastor Charles Kuhl is leading the bible class discussion, Come and learn and be lifted up.

Worship AnewWorship Anew
Worship Anew is a great source of comfort and celebrates the new life all people have in Jesus with a 30-minute broadcast service. God's love is shared through weekly Scripture readings, favorite church hymns, prayers, and a pastor's message that reveals God's grace and truth. You can watch it online at Worship Anew. You can also order CDs from that page.

Worship Anew Media is now publishing the fine devotional, HOPE-FULL LIVING. Get more information on these resources at www.WorshipAnew.org.

Spiritual enrichment for all ages, but especially for seniors:  Use your daily devotion guide, Portals of Prayer. Each issue contains a treasury of prayers along with the daily readings.

Also, watch "WORSHIP ANEW".  This fine Lutheran program is shown every Sunday morning at 11:30 on channel 49, as well as on Comcast (ch 8 or 237HD), on DISH network (ch 49), and DIRECTV (ch 377). Click here to access WorshipAnew.org website.

Members of the OAM committee:  Doug Forsberg - chairman, Richard Wrobleski, Nancy Brown, Sally Rievert, Fran Davis, Barb Neuman, and Vic and Kathy Engelhardt.